Who is MagmaBuilds

Learn about our team of professional builders

Our beautiful story

A place born from wonderment & excitement for the Minecraft universe. We all come from different places around the world & live very different life styles but the thing we do share is our love for Minecraft Building & Design. A lot of our creations are based off of the Hit Nintendo title Pokemon, but we do build in a variety of different styles. We excel in working with many different clientele in a fast & efficient way without sacrificing quality , we have tons of customer reviews that show this on our discord. So without a doubt Magma Builds is... A place where a server owners dreams can begin , or continue!

Our Mission
Our mission is to build the best builds that we can in a fast & efficient way without sacrificing quality. We want no less then a 5/5 or 10/10 rating from any of our customers, we will always strive to do our best for customer.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to one day be a bigger part of the Minecraft community. We will always push and strive for the latest and greatest , to obtain that vision. Cause of course being a partner of Minecraft/Mojang sounds pretty amazing don't you think?

Service Timeline


The client discusses the request with one of the managers. (size, price, deadline, details)


We inform the client the assigned builder(s). Client send a sends full payment upfront then we start the building process.


Our builders start on the project and send update screenshots during the process. 


When the build is done, the client has the option to ask for small changes.


We send the build to the client as a schematic or world file.